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AP US History Help
Chapter 4
Chapter 6

Questions and the answers

1. Why are you doing this?
Because most of US history is bullshit, and I don't think that students should have to spend more time on it than they need to. We're better off finding things out for themselves, not having these "heroic" historical figures shoved down our throats. So, this website is here to clear up time for self-study. :D

2. This is cool! How can I help?
Well, at the moment I only have the worksheets ans tests for one textbook, The American Pageant. Answers to other textbook's studyguides and tests would be awesome. Also, I'm missing some things from the chapter pages because we didn't do everything on them in my class. Any help to fill in these blanks would be great.

3. Isn't this illegal?

4. How can I contact you?
Email me at drumoonshadow @ (without the spaces). Make sure to put "APUS History" in the subject line.

this site is purely for entertainment and are not meant for cheaters.