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AP US History Help
Chapter 4
Chapter 6

This website is for all the students taking US History (probably AP) and hate those stupid study guides that come with the textbooks.

At the moment all I have are the worksheets and part of the tests that go with the textbook The American Pageant. Click on the links to the left for the chapter number and more info on the site.

Guidelines for using this website:
1. DON'T TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT AT YOUR SCHOOL. If you want to tell a friend, so it over the phone or email it to them, it's too risky to talk about a website like this at school.
2. Make sure to study the notes, even a little! It'll look suspicious if you do well on the study guides but bomb the test or can't answer questions in class. I recommend reading the chapter at least once and looking at the notes to make sure you can answer questions your teacher may ask.

Coming soon:
Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10, 14.

Please think about contributing! I'm missing study guides and tests, so anyone that can fill in the spaces please contact me. Also, I'm willing to put up other study guides and tests for other textbooks, just get in touch and we'll talk.

this site is purely for entertainment and are not meant for cheaters.